Monday, 22 April 2013

Writing Excellent Blog Posts: Guide For Freelancers

Majority of online users have blogs. Some may have created them for the fun of it, boredom, to practically understand what a blog is or to provide information. What I know is that majority of bloggers created blogs so that they can achieve online success in earning an income. But what bloggers forget to understand is that the only way they can monetize their blog is by perfecting their writing skills first.

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Writing skills are skills that enable an individual to write lucidly, coherently, and grammatically with ease and speed. Writing skills are important because they express who you are as a person, helps you move easily among facts, inferences and opinions without getting confused and without confusing your reader. Also, it promotes your ability to pose worthwhile questions, fosters your ability to explain a complex position to readers and to yourself. Finally, writing skills helps others give you feedback.

I have never been good in languages. When it comes to science subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics and Information Technology I would be comfortable learning them. I hated composition writing because to be honest creating a story from my imagination and writing it was my greatest weakness. To add salt to injury, our language teachers at High School did not teach us the secrets of being creative during composition writing.  I therefore ended up getting average grades in languages.

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When I was new to blogging I found that writing articles was a huge challenge.  Even when I wrote my first online article, my English was a problem. When my mentor read my first article, she told me that I have made a lot of grammatical errors but it was a start. I asked myself whether I should enroll for English classes or learn the hard way which is trial and error. I opted for the latter. How to learn by trial and error is not as difficult as it seems. The three ways of learning by trial and error are:-

Writing articles through an article editor like Ms Word

Writing and submitting articles at Ezine Articles Directory

Reading Online Articles from Established Authors

Writing Articles through an Article Editor like Ms Word

Ms Word is a word processing application that allows users to type documents such as articles.  It has a lot of editing features like:-
  •        Search and replace
  •        Cut, copy and paste
  •         Paragraph alignment tools
  •        Various heading styles
  •         Font Styles such as Bold, Italicize and Underline.
  •         Etc


When writing articles using Ms Word, you will notice sometimes a red or green wavy line appearing under your word or sentence. A red wavy line means that you have made a spelling error and a green wavy line means that you have made grammatical errors.  Once you correct those errors, then that marks the beginning of writing good articles for your blog.

Writing and submitting articles at Ezine Articles Directory

Writing articles at Ezine Articles Directory is a big bonus because, Ezine teaches you indirectly how to write good articles. After subscribing to their mailing list, Ezine sends you and its subscribed member’s tips on how to improve on writing articles. For example, they recently send me an article titled ten common mistakes of word usage and how to overcome them.


Every time I submit articles to their directory, ezine would point out mistakes like:-

  • Article Submitted contains grammatical errors and articles submitted must use correct English Grammar and American or British Spelling.
  • Article submitted is not informative.
But, if your article does not contain errors and adheres to Ezine’s editorial guidelines then it will be accepted.

Reading Online Articles from Established Authors

If your blog talks about how to dance hip hop, you must read similar blogs that talk about your niche. You have to note how the blogger is structuring his sentences. Look at the images that explain his article, how many sentences make a paragraph and is he using examples to justify his hypothesis?
In conclusion, writing excellent blog posts is the same as learning how to walk. It takes time and years of practice. Just like professional wrestling, it takes the wrestlers’ years of practice to execute their moves perfectly.

This has been Wilfred Imbukwa signing out.


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Common Blogging Mistakes: Guide For Freelancers

Blogs are being created on a daily basis. Majority of new bloggers will focus on adding new articles to their blogs which is a good habit. With time they would realize that their blogs are not appearing at the Google Page Rankings. The question is why are their blogs not appearing? Simple, they are making some of this mistakes that I am about to talk about.

Copying Articles from other Blogs

Google has a good reputation with their clients. It’s because of this they have to ensure that in order for a blog to be highly ranked, it must obey their rules. Every time you search for a query at Google, the results that appear indicate that the blogs are compliant with Google’s Search Engine Optimization Terms and Conditions. When you read some of those blogs, you will notice that their articles are unique, clear and simple to understand. Google has tools that can check whether you copied an article from another blog. If it finds out that you copied, then it penalizes your blog and recovery is never easy.

In order to avoid this, your blog must talk about your passion and this will result in you being creative therefore making your blog articles unique leading to a rise in the Google rankings.

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Not Linking Articles with Previous Articles

There is a tool that Google uses to check whether you have been linking older posts in your blog. That tool is called Google Spider.  A Google Spider is an automatic program indexer that crawls on the pages of your blog so that it can determine your blog’s ranking.

The crawls are based on a number of many factors such as Page Rank, links to a page and crawling constraints such as the number of parameters in a URL.

For example, you published Post C on 2nd of April 2013, Post B on 28th of March 2013 and Post A on 15th of March 2013. In order for the Google Spider to give increase your blog rankings, you must link Post C to Post B and Post B to Post A.

Choosing Bad Design for Your Blog

Yes I agree, everyone wants their blog to look flashy or look like an entertainment website. But if you look at entertainment sites that appear on your Google search query, they don’t appear flashy. Actually their design is simple reason, internet speeds determine whether your blog will be viewed or not. Remember, online freelance user’s worldwide access the internet through cyber cafes. Majority of freelancers cannot afford to buy a laptop. These cyber cafes owners have subscribed for cheap internet meaning that their internet speeds will be too slow. If a freelancer or online user comes across your blog and sees that it is taking too long to load, he or she will close the window and search for another blog.  For those that created their blogs via Blogger, go for the simple view template and not dynamic view template.

Poor Quality Posts

After the Google Panda update, posts or articles must have a minimum of 500 words. In the past, articles used to consist of 200 words and would appear in the Page Rankings. But Google later realized that such articles are of poor quality.  My advice is your article must consist of 500 to 1000 words but it is not easy for new bloggers to attain that mark. How do you write articles that are lengthy? Simple, read a lot of articles or posts that talk about your passion or niche, then it would be easy for you to write such articles.