Thursday, 14 February 2013

Online Success In Creating Quality Blogs For Freelancers

People are creating blogs on a daily basis. They are 175,000 blogs created worldwide per day but 95% of the blogs end up being abandoned.  The reasons as to why the blogs fail to succeed are:-

·         Money- Majority of bloggers or freelancers rush to monetize their blog. Well, let me say this it takes a lot of time, strategy and hard work before you earn a dollar.

·         Lack of Time- Creating a post takes time investment. It takes time to research, set up links, choosing photos, SEO, proofreading and promoting.

·         Rushing to Build Traffic- You are not patient especially when it comes to generating traffic. You want your blog to generate huge traffic when it’s still 1 year old.  You should focus on creating solid content, proper SEO methods and promotions. Don’t look at your analytics every ten minutes, it will drive you nuts.

·         Setting Unrealistic Goals- Expectations created by people or freelancers that anyone can do this with little or no effort will not make you succeed.

·         You are focused on yourself- When blogging, the reader does not care about your products or services. They care about you solving their problems and getting access to great information.

Most successful blogs are easy to read, simple to understand and straight to the point. But, after doing thorough research about how blogs end up being successful I realized that the blog creators have several things in common:
You Tube Videos 

Doubt yourself and you doubt everything you see. Judge yourself and you see judges everywhere. But if you listen to the sound of your own voice, you can rise above doubt and judgment. And you can see forever. -Nancy Kerrigan

Attitude is the tendency to respond positively or negatively towards a certain idea, object, person, or situation. Attitude influences an individual’s choice of action and responses to challenges, incentives and rewards.  When writing posts in your blog, you must choose to focus your attention on what you can do and what you will achieve online. Your blog is the product and result of your choices. You always have a choice. You can choose to let the current statistics of 95% failure rate on blogs affect you or you can choose to look for opportunities in the face of adversity and challenge.


Remember, you are targeting online users or freelancers that are figuring out how they can start their own online businesses or look for freelance jobs. The readers are looking at you as a mentor. If they sense that you have a positive attitude, they will keep on referring to your post and they will each create a backlink to your post.


Confidence is generally described as a state of being certain of either a prediction is correct or that a chosen course of action is the best or the most effective. When you start up a blog and struggle to keep writing, that’s when confidence begins.

You need confidence in life to make difficult decisions, attract friends and to stand out in this increasingly competitively world. In confidence writing, readers can tell if you are confident with yourself.

Once they sense that you have that quality, then they will start commenting or sharing your blog posts. When applying confidence in writing blogs, you need to read widely in new genres and formats, and not just within your own area of expertise. Seeing how other authors formulate their paragraphs and project meaning will help formulate structures in your own mind. The more widely you can read the more expansive your points of reference and the influences you can draw on when you sit down to put pen to paper. Therefore, the more you write, the more confident you will be in writing.


Destiny is the hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future. In other words destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved. Before deciding to become an online freelance writer you must ask yourself this type of questions,” Do I have enough commitment to make this work? Do I have enough passion for this to continue when the going gets tough?”  You must know your overall purpose in life. It can take years for the answer to come.

What makes a blog successful is that the writer knows his or her overall purpose in life. You cannot wake up in the morning and say that you will create a blog about cars and your passion is painting. For you to determine your destiny, you must think hard and look for a passion. Then write about it. Most of these online users are looking for advice and when they visit your blog, they can sense if you are passionate about what you are writing about or not.


Backlinks are when other websites promote your website. For instance, suppose Alice the freelancer writes a blog entry that Bob finds interesting. Bob then goes to his own blog and writes a post of his own about it, linking back to Alice's original post. Now Alice's post will automatically show that Bob has linked to it, and it will provide a short snippet of his text and a link to his post. The linking back to Alice’s original post is known as a backlink.

Backlinks are important for two big reasons. First, backlinks can measure how much eminence and respect you have earned on the Web. The more reputable and prominent your backlink referrers are, the more you have established your web page as a worthy destination. Conversely, if you have no backlinks, or very disreputable backlinks, then your credibility on the Web needs work. Backlinks are also important for how you rank in search engines. The more backlinks that you have, the more popular you are considered on the Web as a reputable freelance writer, and more highly you will rank at Google.


In order to use backlinks, for those that created blogs using, you need to go to the backlinks settings which is found under the Settings | Posts and Comments tab, and consists of a single, simple option to turn it on or off: 

Once everything is set up, you'll see a new link marked "Links to this post" next to the comment link for each post. If you click that link you'll be taken to the post page, where the backlinks are all listed beneath the comments.

Where do you get backlinks to your site? The answer is simple; you must use an SEO tool.  The SEO tool I usually use is known as traffic travis. Download the SEO tool, click the link and subscribe to the newsletters.

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You will receive newsletters that explain how you can increase backlinks to your blog therefore resulting to increased online traffic.


You Tube Videos

In order for you to understand a problem, You Tube is the solution. Backlinks cannot be understood by just simply reading, they are understood easily by watching backlink videos. You need to go to Google and type “What is a Backlink You tube”. Google will return several results including You Tube videos explaining what backlinks are. When I wanted to understand what backlinks are, I read several websites that talked about backlinks but it was still not enough. Therefore, I decided to use You Tube and I was pleased with the results. I found two videos that explain what backlinks are and how you can use them to increase traffic to your site.

In conclusion, these are all the tips I have come across in how to be successful in creating successful blogs. Remember writing successful blogs will be an online challenge. But follow these tips religiously and you will see traffic increasing at your blog.