Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Online Jobs Challenges For Freelancers

They are so many unemployed youth in the world and according to BBC, they are 75 million unemployed youth worldwide. This is alarming! Because, this youth need jobs; but the sad fact is that white collar jobs are reducing by the day.

This is reality! White collar jobs are coming to an end and the world population is increasing at an alarming rate. What is the solution, ONLINE FREELANCE BUSINESS? Well, yes but on one condition: YOU MUST PLAN! REMEMBER, PEOPLE DON’T FAIL TO PLAN THEY PLAN TO FAIL. The question is, “How do you plan to be successful in making money through online business? 

They are various methods of making money online and this are:- 

1.Working for Online Companies

2. Monetizing your Blog

Most websites I have come about talk about how you can become a millionaire in a month. But they don’t talk about THE REALITY OF MAKING MONEY ONLINE. They love to hide the reality from you because the truth hurts and they want to use you.

Did you know that when you do a Google search someone makes money? Did you know that you too can make money from Google? But before you can think of making money online you have to apply these facts:-

Be extremely patient.

Get to understand how online money works in your country.

Get another source of income apart from online freelance jobs.

Free is extremely expensive online.

Be Extremely Patient

I started registering into money making sites on the 14th of January 2013 and I was very excited about how fast I will make money. I even fantasized how I will buy properties in Nairobi and get talked about by everyone because of soon being the youngest billionaire in Kenya.  Little did I know they are A BILLION online freelance users like me that are thinking the same! The same users are competing for the same projects or online jobs in this freelance websites. 

online, jobs

So, how did I solve this problem? Simple, I switched off my laptop, went to a club in town that plays salsa music and danced the whole night. I could not handle the truth that there are other people who stay 7 days a week online taking online freelance exams in the name of pleasing the bidder. I didn’t realize that it takes at least two years for a successful freelancer to start having a steady income while 99.9% quit along the way. 

The solution to this is having a plan. This is what I mean. Don’t have this mentality of,” By the end of two weeks, I would have made money.” My friend this mentality won’t work.  You will get stressed out. Your mentality should be,” I must understand the dynamics of making money online.” This means that you must do lots of research via Google about freelancers making money online. You will get several websites that talk about succeeding in online freelancing jobs. When you decide the website then subscribe to their newsletters and read. Remember newsletters have important secrets that the author shares for free.

Get To Understand How Online Money Works In Your Country.

Developed countries like America, Britain, Canada, etc are much more favorable when it comes to their citizens or freelance users withdrawing online money. This is because, the concept creation of online jobs originated from those countries. Third world countries have lots of disadvantages. In Kenya, online users must use companies like epay to withdraw their money from paypal. Also you must know which websites in your country gives tips on how you succeed online. For example, in my country, the authors of this two websites FreelancerKenya and  Make Money Online in Kenya have decided to share their secrets about how they made online money and the challenges they faced. Also you can also subscribe to their news letters.


Once you get to know the people or websites that are legitimate and offer advice on how to be successful, then register to their subscription lists. Also their websites have links to other websites; you can subscribe to those other websites and get more valuable information.

Get Another Source Of Income Apart From Online Freelance Jobs.

For those that are employed, PLEASE DO NOT QUIT YOUR JOBS UNTIL YOU ARE SURE THAT THE ONLINE BUSINESS IS STABLE.  For those that don’t have jobs, you must tell your parents or breadwinner of the family to start a family business. The family business will act as your backup income just in case online business hasn’t picked up. Personally, I have been unemployed for 4 years and I depend on my family’s income. They will soon start family projects which in future I will manage part of the projects. Therefore the family business will be my backup just in case my online business stagnates.

Free Is Extremely Expensive Online

There is nothing free in this world. I request you to go to Google and type “How can you make money online and become a millionaire overnight.”  Google will give you 155,000 results based on your query and THAT INFORMATION WILL TELL YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR.  You will get free ebooks from fake authors who just want you to view their blog or website so that they earn money per view. The best solution is to buy from legitimate trusted authors.

Finally, beware of conmen when you work for freelance sites. 

Please Visit: Online Jobs Scams Target Naive Freelancers

That’s all I have to tell you. We meet next time.