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Yuval Tal Payoneer Prepaid Master Card Review

I have been using the Payoneer Prepaid Master Card since February 2013 and this has made me confident in writing a review about it. This is the image of my Payoneer Prepaid Master Card.



First of all, I will break this review into several parts:

1. Founder of the Payoneer Prepaid Master Card.

2. Benefits of Using the Payoneer Prepaid Master Card.

3. Frequently Asked Questions about the Payoneer Prepaid Master Card.

1. Founder of the Payoneer Prepaid Master Card

In summary, Yuval Tal was born in 1965 in Israel. He has a rich professional career where Tal began his career at Radware, then served as a general manager of R-U-Sure Ltd in 1999. He also co-founded E4X which was the world’s first internet payment solutions company.  In 2005 Yuval established Payoneer. For more information about Yuval Tal, please click the link below.

 Read On: Yuval Tal   


2. Benefits of Using the Payoneer Prepaid Master Card

A. Minimal Transfer Fees from PayPal to your Payoneer Account.

B. Buy Goods or Services Online.

C. Withdraw money from ATMs that Accept Master Card.

D. Payoneer Supports over 200 Countries.

E. Excellent Customer Support.

A. Minimal Transfer Fees from PayPal to your Payoneer Account.

Majority of you agree with me that most Freelancing and Affiliate Companies pay their workers via PayPal. The reason these companies do that is because PayPal is secure.


After working hard as a freelancer or affiliate marketer, you receive your payments through PayPal. The question is how to withdraw money from PayPal. The answer is using Payoneer. 

One point to note is that PayPal does not charge transfer fees to American Banks. If you are withdrawing funds from your PayPal account to your Payoneer Account, PayPal will not charge you any fee. See the image below for a better explanation and focus on the area covered by the red circle.


B. Buy Goods or Services Online.

The Payoneer Prepaid Master Card easily allows buying of goods and services online. For example by using my Payoneer Card, I went to the GoDaddy website and bought a domain name for a whole year. See the images below.


During the transaction, I was not charged withdrawal fees. Look for the red arrow in the image below.

C. Withdraw Money from ATM's that Accept Master Card.

Payoneer will not charge withdrawal fees every time you withdraw money from your Payoneer account to the ATM. The bank where you withdraw the money from will charge you a fee. Here in Kenya, Barclays Bank does not charge withdrawal fees but other banks do.

In your country some banks will charge you withdrawal fees and other banks will not charge. It is up to you to do your research on which banks in your country don’t charge withdrawal fees. If you are unlucky then you will have to pay withdrawal fees per transaction.

D. Payoneer Supports over 200 Countries.

Payoneer supports over 200 countries and 50 currencies. Click the link below to see if Payoneer is supported in your country.

E. Excellent Customer Support.

Payoneer offers excellent customer support 24 hours a day.  There was a time, I did not receive my card and after contacting them through their email address, they sent me another card. See the image below. 


Also, I had a problem accessing my account. I called them through their phone support. The support team advised that I should clear my browser cache. After doing that, I could access my account.
Feel free to visit the Payoneer Prepaid Master Card Website for a better understanding of Payoneer.

3. Frequently Asked Questions about the Payoneer Prepaid Master Card.

On my FaceBook page, I received several questions about the Payoneer Prepaid Master Card. To access the FaceBook Page, go to this blog’s menu bar and click Facebook.
I have sampled some of the questions.

Q1. How Much is the Payoneer Prepaid Master Card Renewal Fees?

The Payoneer Prepaid Master Card is valid for 2 years. Approximately 90 days before your card is set to expire, you will see a new option available on your Payoneer online account. This option will say that your card is expiring soon, and will allow you to order a new card. There’s no charge for the new card and there is no requirement.

Q2. What is Activation Fee?

Activation Fees is a one time or lifetime charge. This means that once you pay the fee, Payoneer will never ask you to pay the fee again. When you will make a first time withdrawal from your Payoneer Account to your Local ATM, Payoneer will deduct 30 dollars from your account for Activation. Do not worry about that because they will only charge you once.

When you will withdraw money from your Payoneer Account to your Local ATM for a second time, Payoneer will not charge you Activation fees.

Q3. How Does Refer A Friend Program Work?

Depositing 100 dollars into your Payoneer Account will enable you to activate the Payoneer Refer a Friend Program. Therefore you will earn your first 25 dollars. You will not be required to deposit 100 dollars again so as to earn 25 dollars for a second, third, fourth or infinite times. A person that registered under your referral link will also be required to deposit 100 dollars into their Payoneer Account so that he or she activates his or her Payoneer Refer a Friend Program. Once the person activates the program, he or she will earn earn 25 dollars and also you will earn your second 25 dollars.

After earning from that person, you will not earn again from him or her. You will earn again if a new person registers for Payoneer Master Card under your referral link and deposits at least 100 dollars. Then, that new person will earn 25 dollars and you will also earn your third 25 dollars. Then you will not earn from him or her again. And the cycle continues.

Q4. What is the use of the Payoneer Prepaid Master Card?

With the Payoneer Prepaid Master Card, you can withdraw money from your Payoneer Account to any of the ATMs worldwide that accept Master Card.

Q5. What is US Payment Service

Your Payoneer Account is also known as The US Payment Service.  Your Payoneer Account is also known as your American account that will store your money. For example, my money is being stored in an American Bank known as First Century Bank. You may be given a different American Bank.

Payoneer has collaborated with several banks in America such as First Century Bank, etc so that people can use one credit card to withdraw. Let me give you an example. In Kenya, each and every bank has its own credit card. But in America, Majority of Banks use the same credit card such as Payoneer Prepaid Master Card.

Payoneer is used by people to transfer money from their PayPal Account to their American Account or Payoneer Account also known as the US Payment Service. Then, the Payoneer Master Card is used to withdraw money from your American Account (US Payment Service) to your local ATM(s).

Q6. Do I Have to Register under a Referral Link so as to Earn my First 25 Dollars?

Yes, you need to register under a referral link so as to get your own referral link and receive your first 25 dollars. If you do not register under a referral link and prefer to register under the Payoneer website, you will not earn your first 25 dollars. Also, you have to deposit a minimum of 100 dollars to activate the Payoneer Refer a Friend Program and earn your first 25 dollars. You can use this link to register for a payoneer account.

Q7. Can you Kindly Show us Proof that you Earned your First 25 Dollars?

Yes, see the images below as proof that I earned my first 25 dollars.




There you have it. It is quite a lengthy article but the Payoneer Prepaid Master Card is worth the investment. Don’t forget to read my article below on how to add chitika ads into bloggers.

This has been Wilfred,

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Easy Way of Adding Chitika Ads into Bloggers

It took me sometime to figure out how to add Chitika Ads into bloggers. I did thorough research on various websites and blogs that talk about this problem. Majority of them said that in order to add Chitika Ads into bloggers, you must use the template option.

What I mean is that you place your Chitika Ads code into the html part of your bloggers template. I tried that several times in my blog but it did not work. I even asked for help from the Chitika Customer Support Team and they showed me an easy way of going around the problem. Before I show you the easy way of adding Chitika Ads into bloggers, register by clicking the link below.

Once you register and submit your blog to Chitika, you will be asked to verify your email address. See the image below.


After verifying, you will wait for 24hrs for them to approve or reject your application. Once they approve, you will receive an email containing your details and instructions on what to do on Chitika. Please follow the instructions.


Once you have followed the instructions, go to the Ad Setup on the Menu Bar then select Types of Ads.


Under the Ad Setup, you will see 3 various Ad types. Select Text Ads.


Go to Select Unit Options. Under format select 250x250 square then click the GET CODE button. Save the code in notepad because you will use it in the next step.


Adding Your Chitika Code into Bloggers

Go to your bloggers dashboard, select the down arrow on the blog you want to add the code and click layout.


Click on the Add a Gadget Hyper Link, select HTML/JavaScript, add your Chitika Code and click on save.




And there you have it! The Chitika code has been successfully added to your blog.

What to Do If Chitika Don’t Accept Your Application

This happened to me once. It was in January 21st 2013 when my blog was 1 week old. I was still new to the blogging world. I submitted my website and after they viewed it this is what they told me,” Hello Wilfred, many thanks for your interest in Chitika. We have reviewed your blog. Right now, it looks like your site is still under construction, or doesn't have enough content yet. In order for us to properly review a site, we need to be able to see a sufficient amount of content to be sure that our ads will be a good match there. For this reason, we must deny your request for a Chitika account at this time. However, once your site is up and running, please do re-submit it and we will take another look. We wish you the best of luck as you continue to grow your website, and thank you again for your interest in Chitika. Regards, Chitika Customer Service.”

When this happens to you don’t worry about it. Try again after 6 months.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How Kenyans Can Withdraw Money from PayPal

For those Kenyans that haven’t registered for PayPal click the link below.

When you start earning money online, the company that gave you the job will pay you via PayPal. What I mean is that they will send you the money to your Verified PayPal account. They will not send you the money through Moneygram or Western Union due to security reasons.

It is highly important that you:-

1 Understand that you cannot Withdraw Money from Paypal to your Kenyan Bank Directly.

2 Link your Payoneer MasterCard to your Payoneer Account and finally PayPal Account.

3 Transferring money from your Paypal account to your Payoneer MasterCard.

4 Withdrawing your money from Kenyan Banks that Accept Master Card.

1: Understand that you cannot Withdraw Money from Paypal to your Kenyan Bank Directly

Due to the fact that Kenya has not passed Anti-Fraud Laws, PayPal cannot enter into agreements with Kenyan Banks. Therefore, you must use another means of receiving the money from PayPal which is through using the Payoneer MasterCard.

Why do online companies insist that your PayPal account has to be verified? It’s because they do not know you. They can send the money to the wrong person or email address. Account Verification is the process of using your Kenyan Visa/Master card to show PayPal that you are a real person. Once you give your details of your local (Kenyan) ATM card to PayPal then PayPal will access your account number to see if you are real. Once PayPal sees that you are real then it sends you the code for verifying your account.

2: Link your Payoneer MasterCard to your Payoneer Account and finally PayPal Account

For a better understanding of the Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard, please read my review about the card by clicking the link below.

Visit: Yuval Tal Payoneer Prepaid Master Card Review

If you have not registered for a Payoneer Account, then visit their website by clicking the link below.

Visit: Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard Website

After registering for Payoneer online, they send you the Payoneer MasterCard for free via ordinary mail to your post office box in Kenya. The Payoneer Customer Support Team will be communicating with you via your email address you used to sign up for the card. After 1 month of waiting, you will receive the package that contains the instructions letter with your card. If the card is not delivered in 1 month, you can always contact customer care via your email address and they will sort you out. 

If you don't want to wait for 1 month for the Card delivery, Payoneer Customer Support Team will give you the option of Fedex but its not free.

I remember after one month of waiting, I went to my post office box and found that the Payoneer Card was not delivered into my box. I asked post office whether they received my parcel and they said that they didn't.( Typical of Kenya Post Office. They did not want to admit that they lost my parcel)I contacted Payoneer Customer Support Team and explained the problem. They therefore, sent me another Payoneer Card and had to wait for another one month. After one month of waiting, I checked my Post Office Box and found the Parcel.

The next step is linking the card to your Payoneer Account.

The steps are:-

Step 1: Go to the Payoneer Website and click on ‘My Account’. See the Yellow Arrow.


Important: Login to Payoneer

Step 2: Enter your User Name and Password (set when you applied for the card) to log in.

Step 3: Click on activate your card.

Step 4: Select your 4 digit PIN number and submit.

Step 5: You will receive an email confirmation for activation.

Step 6: On the Services Menu select US Payment Service


Payoneer’s US Payment Service provides you with a US Account (Bank Name), Bank Routing Number and Your Account Number. These are the details you need to provide to your verified PayPal Account. 

Bank Name

Step 7: Log into your Paypal account, go to the Profile Menu and select Add/Edit Bank Account.


Step 8: Fill in all the details from the Us Payment Service. Remember to select Checking on Account Type. 


Step 9: Finnish the whole process and you have successfully linked your Payoneer Card to your Payoneer account and also PayPal account.

3: Transferring Money from your Paypal Account to your Payoneer MasterCard.

I will take an example to explain this practically. Let me say that there is an online company that wants to send you $10. They will ask for the name of your Verified PayPal Account so that they send you the money.  After sending the money, PayPal will inform you by sending a message to your Email address that they have received the $10 from the online company and have debited your account. 

PayPal Balance

The next step is transferring the $10 or $7 or whichever amount you wish to send to your Payoneer Account. On your PayPal account, select withdraw and click withdraw funds to your bank account.


Withdraw Funds

After selecting withdraw, enter the amount you wish to remove and click continue. PayPal will send you an Email indicating that they are transferring the amount to your Payoneer Account. It usually takes 3 business working days to transfer the money. 

After the 3rd day, Payoneer will send you an Email indicating that they have received the money from PayPal and they have loaded your money to your Payoneer Account. This means that your Payoneer Master Card contains the money.

4: Withdrawing your money from Kenyan Banks that Accept Master Card

Go to any of the following banks to withdraw your money. These banks accept master card; I&M Bank, Barclays, PesaPoint and CFC Standbic Bank Limited.


It is very important to know how to withdraw money online because this is the future of transacting business.

This has been Wilfred Imbukwa,

Signing Out.

How to Verify Your Paypal Account in Kenya

Third world countries like Kenya are still new to understanding the concept of making money online. Only a few understand this concept and have been successful but refuse to share their secrets. Walter Akolo is one of the successful Kenyans that decided to reveal his secrets to the world. I thank him for showing me the process of finally verifying my PayPal account.

Before thinking of even registering for a PayPal Account, you must activate your ATM Card.

How to Activate your Local ATM Card

Step 1: Go to your local bank for example: Co-operative, Equity, I&M, Standard Chartered, Barclays, etc and request them to enable your Visa or MasterCard for online transactions. Personally I went to Co-operative Bank of Kenya. They will give you a form. 

Step 2: After filling the form, submit it to the help desk and they shall inform you how long they will take to make your Visa or MasterCard accept online transactions. At Co-operative Bank they told me to wait for two hours so that they process the online activation.

Step 3: After waiting for the period of activation to complete, then sign up for PayPal.

How to Activate your PayPal Account

Step 1: Sign Up for PayPal.

Step 2: Complete the PayPal Registration Form and click the “Agree and Sign Up” Button.
Ignore the step of how to link a bank account/credit card to your Paypal account at the moment. I will write about that step in my next article. 

Step 3: After Registering for Paypal your account looks like this

verify, paypal

In the image above I bet you noticed the red circle that has highlighted the word Get Verified, click Get Verified on your PayPal account.


Make sure your local account also known as your Kenyan Bank Account has the equivalent of at least 1 dollar so that paypal can use the 1 dollar to verify your account. In other words, your local bank must have at least Ksh 88 because 1 dollar = ksh 88. But just deposit ksh 100 into your local account so as to be on the safe side. 

Read About: How Kenyans Can Withdraw Money from PayPal

Step 4: Enter your local Visa/MasterCard details correctly and for those that don’t know where to find your card number and security code look at the image below. The orange rectangle indicates the location of the card number and the yellow circle shows where to get the security code. Click continue after filling in the details.

Step 5: After clicking continue you will see an image like the one below. Then wait for 24 hours for Paypal to send you the code to your bank account.


Step 6: After 24 hours, go to your bank and request for a Bank Statement for that month. You will pay a fee for your Bank to process your statement. At Co-operative Bank, a Bank Statement costs ksh 100 per page.

Step 7: After receiving your Bank Statement, look for the transaction that has this statement PP*1234CODE>
Step 8: The 1234 is your PayPal code. Note I have used 1234 as an example. 

Step 9: Login to Paypal, Select Get Verified, Click Continue, type the PayPal Code and click confirm.

Step 10: Your account will be verified and even PayPal will send you an Email proving it.


Benefits of Having a Verified PayPal Account

1 You will have unrestricted access to withdrawing and receiving online money.

2 Companies like to work with Verified PayPal Accounts compared to Unverified PayPal Accounts.


Verification of PayPal Accounts was quite difficult 2 years ago. This was because, Kenyans were still figuring out the process of verification. Also the people that finally figured it out refused to share the secret. But now this article has revealed the secret to all.

Please share this article with those that want to learn about Paypal Verification in Kenya.

This has been Wilfred Imbukwa,

Signing out.

Monday, 17 June 2013

How to Enable CommentLuv on Blogger

I don’t understand why Google has been busy updating their Blogger’s platform and fail to improve on their current commenting system. I have been tempted several times to shift from Blogger’s to Wordpress due to the latter having wonderful plugins such as CommentLuv. But I am the type of person who never gives up and knew that there has to be away of adding CommentLuv into Blogger’s.

I have searched on Google for how to add CommentLuv into Blogger’s. The good news is that I found several blogs that talked about it and will share with you right now! Majority of those blogs talked about integrating Intense Debate into your blog. After integrating, then Intense Debate will give you several plugins that can be added to your blog and one of the plugins is CommentLuv.

How to Integrate IntenseDebate on Blogger 

Please follow these steps:-

Step 1: Log on to Intense Debate and register your free account by clicking the green icon that says sign up.


Step 2:  Type your personal information in the form. Please don’t forget to select “I want to install Intense Debate on my blog or website”. After selecting that option, then click the signup button.

Sign Up

Step 3: After registering, login to your account. Then follow this url https://intensedebate.com/install and insert the link of your blog. See the image below for a better understanding. After inserting the link, click the button that says Next Step.


Step 4: Proceed to your Blogger account and look for the blog you want to setup Intense Debate on at your blogs list. Click the downward arrow and press template.



Click Backup/Restore at the top-right of your display.


Click the Download Full Template button and save the file at your documents folder or desktop.

Download Full Template

Now go back where you were working previously and Select the file which you downloaded by clicking "Browse/Choose File" and upload it by pressing "Upload file and continue" button at the Intense Debate website.

Step 5: After clicking the “Upload file and continue” button, the installation page will appear. All you have to do is copy all of the code as described in the image below.

Copy All The Code

Step 6: Go back to Blogger.com, select Template, select Edit HTML and click on Edit Template. Place the cursor in the code, select all and click paste. Finally click on the Save Template button.

Edit and Save Template

How to Activate the CommentLuv Plugin

After inserting the html code into your blog, go back to where you copied the html code. At the bottom of the screen, you will be able to see a text which says “Go and configure this Intense Debate account” just click on it, and proceed to next step.


Step 7: Go to Plugins present in the left side of the navigation's at intensedebate.com. Look for Commentluv. Once you find it, just press activate button beside it. 

CommentLuv Plugin

And there you have it. CommentLuv has been enabled at your blog.


If you have any previous comments posted under the old Blogger comments system, CommentLuv WILL NOT show up on those posts. But if you have old posts that have no comments, CommentLuv will be activated.

After CommentLuv has been activated on your blog, you will see this phrase,"comment as Guest or Login to Intense Debate."below the comment section. But for the administrator of your blog, you must Login to Intense Debate to comment because, Intense Debate will not publish your comment even if you comment as guest.

Remember for new posts that you create on your blog, CommentLuv will show up. In order to enjoy the full benefits of CommentLuv, you must know how to apply SEO to your blog.

Please Visit: Understanding SEO Through Traffic Travis Page Warnings Tool

This has been Wilfred Imbukwa,

Signing out.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Understanding SEO Through Traffic Travis Page Warnings Tool

If you are an online user that wants to figure out how apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to his or her blog so that it appears at the Google Rankings then read my article. I was like you 4 months ago (January 2013) and was confused on how I would create a blog and make it appear on Google. What I learnt was that, Google ranks websites and blogs according to points.

What bloggers do to see the page rank of their blogs is that they visit the website called Alexa Rankings.The website clearly shows the page rank of any blog on condition that the blog has some page views. The Alexa Toolbar  makes it easier for any blogger or freelancer to view rankings of any website or blog they visit and can compare with theirs.

How can you make your website or blog rise and appear at the Google Search Page? The solution is using software that will help you understand SEO and that is Traffic Travis.  After downloading and registering for their newsletters, you will receive tips on how to apply SEO for your blog or website.

Basic Fundamentals of SEO

SEO is the process of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural listings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. In order to understand SEO, the blogger or freelancer must know the fundamentals which are:-

        Keyword Research
        Search Engine Friendly Website or Blog
        On-Page SEO
        Link Building

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of determining what keywords are used in search engines by potential customers or online users. To determine the type of keywords that will attract traffic to your blog, read this newsletter. 

Visit: How to do Keyword Research for your Site
keyword research

Search Engine Friendly Website or Blog

Your blog has to be Search Engine friendly in order for the Google Spiders to easily index your blog posts. This will result to your blog rising at the Google Page Rankings. A Google Spider is an automatic program indexer that crawls on the pages of your blog so that it can determine your blog’s ranking. The crawls are based on a number of many factors such as Page Rank, links to a page and crawling constraints such as the number of parameters in a URL.

Please Visit: Writing Excellent Blog Posts: Guide For Freelancers  

On-Page SEO

On Page SEO is the use of applying title and image alt tags, meta description, internal linking and updating your blog with new articles or posts so that your blog can easily climb up the Google Page Rankings.  In order to understand what it click the link below.

 Optimizing your Content with On-Page SEO

On Page Seo

Link Building

Link building also known as Off-page SEO is the process of establishing relevant, inbound links to your website which help your website achieve higher ranking with the major search engines and drive targeted traffic to your site. The various ways of finding high quality links are blog commenting, article marketing and using Traffic Travis to find high quality link opportunities.

Do Visit: How to Build Links using Traffic Travis 

Traffic Travis Page Warnings Tool Feature

The traffic travis page warnings tool feature is a powerful tool that enabled me to understand SEO in a simplified way. To use the feature is very easy. Open the traffic travis software, select My Site and click Import Pages. See the image below, the red circle indicates the location of My Site Tab and the blue circle indicates where to find the Import Pages Button.

Traffic Travis Page Warnings Tool

The Site Importer Page dialog box will appear and you can decide to choose how to import your page or blog or website. 

Site Importer

After importing, click ok.

Once the Site Importer finishes analyzing your page, blog or website, then the Traffic Travis Page Warnings Tool Feature will display the errors that are on your website or blog. The red circles in the image below show the errors.
SEO Errors
After clicking any of the errors, the Page Warning Tool Feature will display several mistakes on your blog or page. It is up to you to rectify them so that your page or blog is optimized.
SEO Corrections

How The Traffic Travis Page Warnings Tool Feature Has Improved Inbound Marketing On My Blog

This feature has improved my Inbound Marketing in several ways

  • The Alexa Rankings of my blog rose from 9million in February 2013 to 2.2 million in May 2013.
  •  My blog has a total of 754 backlinks , 10 unique IPs and 10 unique domains as at May 2013.
  •   My blog has a reputation of 15 according to Alexa Rankings as at May 2013.

In conclusion, I suggest that whoever wants to apply SEO on their blog or website, should download a copy of traffic travis.

Download:Traffic Travis

This is Wilfred,

Signing out,


Monday, 22 April 2013

Writing Excellent Blog Posts: Guide For Freelancers

Majority of online users have blogs. Some may have created them for the fun of it, boredom, to practically understand what a blog is or to provide information. What I know is that majority of bloggers created blogs so that they can achieve online success in earning an income. But what bloggers forget to understand is that the only way they can monetize their blog is by perfecting their writing skills first.

Please Visit: Common Blogging Mistakes: Guide For Freelancers

Writing skills are skills that enable an individual to write lucidly, coherently, and grammatically with ease and speed. Writing skills are important because they express who you are as a person, helps you move easily among facts, inferences and opinions without getting confused and without confusing your reader. Also, it promotes your ability to pose worthwhile questions, fosters your ability to explain a complex position to readers and to yourself. Finally, writing skills helps others give you feedback.

I have never been good in languages. When it comes to science subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics and Information Technology I would be comfortable learning them. I hated composition writing because to be honest creating a story from my imagination and writing it was my greatest weakness. To add salt to injury, our language teachers at High School did not teach us the secrets of being creative during composition writing.  I therefore ended up getting average grades in languages.

writing, posts

When I was new to blogging I found that writing articles was a huge challenge.  Even when I wrote my first online article, my English was a problem. When my mentor read my first article, she told me that I have made a lot of grammatical errors but it was a start. I asked myself whether I should enroll for English classes or learn the hard way which is trial and error. I opted for the latter. How to learn by trial and error is not as difficult as it seems. The three ways of learning by trial and error are:-

Writing articles through an article editor like Ms Word

Writing and submitting articles at Ezine Articles Directory

Reading Online Articles from Established Authors

Writing Articles through an Article Editor like Ms Word

Ms Word is a word processing application that allows users to type documents such as articles.  It has a lot of editing features like:-
  •        Search and replace
  •        Cut, copy and paste
  •         Paragraph alignment tools
  •        Various heading styles
  •         Font Styles such as Bold, Italicize and Underline.
  •         Etc


When writing articles using Ms Word, you will notice sometimes a red or green wavy line appearing under your word or sentence. A red wavy line means that you have made a spelling error and a green wavy line means that you have made grammatical errors.  Once you correct those errors, then that marks the beginning of writing good articles for your blog.

Writing and submitting articles at Ezine Articles Directory

Writing articles at Ezine Articles Directory is a big bonus because, Ezine teaches you indirectly how to write good articles. After subscribing to their mailing list, Ezine sends you and its subscribed member’s tips on how to improve on writing articles. For example, they recently send me an article titled ten common mistakes of word usage and how to overcome them.


Every time I submit articles to their directory, ezine would point out mistakes like:-

  • Article Submitted contains grammatical errors and articles submitted must use correct English Grammar and American or British Spelling.
  • Article submitted is not informative.
But, if your article does not contain errors and adheres to Ezine’s editorial guidelines then it will be accepted.

Reading Online Articles from Established Authors

If your blog talks about how to dance hip hop, you must read similar blogs that talk about your niche. You have to note how the blogger is structuring his sentences. Look at the images that explain his article, how many sentences make a paragraph and is he using examples to justify his hypothesis?
In conclusion, writing excellent blog posts is the same as learning how to walk. It takes time and years of practice. Just like professional wrestling, it takes the wrestlers’ years of practice to execute their moves perfectly.

This has been Wilfred Imbukwa signing out.